Hi, I’m Florian! Here you’ll find neat app­lications for Mac, open source code, still- as well as motion-pic­tures and my journal.

Kirby Comments

File based comments for the Kirby CMS
Yeah, this is awesome!
Nice! 👍
This is amazing! <3
a test message, thanks for the plugin ;-)
Pretty neat comment plugin. Definitely going to use it in a couple of upcoming projects :D
this is a test comment. yay \o/
Whooooooaaaaa, duuuuuuuuuudddddde….
Unobtrusive. Global Hotkeys. Instant Rewind.

motionfill for macOS

motionfill removes all pain points from watching video tutorials. Pause and unpause at any time or instantly replay the last few seconds using global hotkeys. Its window floats atop your desktop so you don’t have to constantly switch applications.

500+ Public Domain Pictures


German Weblog About Software Development.

On I explore interesting software development topics and link to resources for writing nicer code. Most topics are generic software concepts and can therefore be applied across different programming languages and platforms.