My name is Florian Pircher and this site is the index of all of my projects. I like to have a layer of abstraction between my work and myself. Thus, Addpixel was created sometime in 2013, although the exact date of creation can sadly no longer be reconstructed.

Currently I develop personal projects for Addpixel, study computer-science at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany and create websites at whitespace GmbH.

Addpixel has a sister site for projects that are related to my studies at JMU called While many projects require the context of the university to be fully appreciated, I still want link to it in case anyone is interested.

I dislike committing words to pixels when they are less thoughtfully formulated than those in a casual discussion. That is why you can follow me on Twitter, but should not expect any tweets. (The same hold true for my blog, even though I am actually trying to publish blog posts on a somewhat regular basis.)

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